Why America should support Israel

Why America should support Israel

I've never seen moral relativism like I have seen in this conflict between Israel and Hamas. 

Imagine a world where an organization is explicitly calling for your destruction, they attack you, and then the world starts to "open a discussion" on who is at fault. 

There is a very easy moral examples I have been using when discussing this. If there was a button Israel could press that would make all attacks only harm Hamas members, would they press it? Yes. If they same was extended to Hamas, would they choose to protect Jewish civilians? By their own admissions, no. 

What is happening in Gaza is dark and horrible, the beginnings of war and all the atrocities that accompany it. Collateral damage is what has made war so intolerable to our current sensibilities. Collateral damage is injury inflicted other than the intended target. Hamas openly targeted and celebrated the murder of Israeli civilians.

So why should America support Israel? Because it is right. We do not stand by while innocents are murdered. It is that same mentality that is building support for the people of Gaza now! 

History has already proven that the Jewish people are targeted more than any other group and have continued to lose support from Western allies. We cannot be one of those allies. Collateral damage is horrific and the loss of lives is a tragedy. The fault for these lives sits wholly with Hamas and the evil leaders that command them.

I have researched throughout history and have never found a country that has tried to placate a neighbor who has explicitly called for their destruction more than Israel has. 

The only way out of this peacefully would be for Hamas to surrender after the horrific attacks they brought on families, on women and children and infants. Instead, they hide behind their civilians.

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